About the firm / Presentation

For the past twenty five years, H&A has been a trusted partner for leading insurance companies and industrial groups and has acquired an excellent reputation for its ability to provide effective, creative and relevant solutions to complex issues related to insurance, industrial risk, professional and product liability, corporate, banking and finance.

A deep understanding of the insurance sector and industry, combined with a tradition of legal excellence, led H&A to be cited as a leading law firm in its areas of practice.

H&A’s professionalism, recognized by clients and peers alike, is based particularly on the fact that its partners and associates combine legal expertise with an in-depth understanding of the strategic and business issues that their clients face. This explains our clients’ high level of satisfaction: 95% of our clients have sustained our services from the creation of the firm until today.

Our legal approach hinges on two basic principles :

  • solid, specialized, technical experience of all our partners and associates, who are proficient in dealing with all issues linked to their areas of practice;
  • working in close ties with recognized academics, H&A crafts effective legal solutions for its clients out of the invaluable contributions.

Local expertise serving the international network :

To support clients in all their international projects/plans, and assist them in dealing with major losses occured in France and abroad, H&A has built, over the years, a network of contacts made of the best law firms. The sole selection criteria is the law firms ability to deal with the situation at hand. H&A thus offers clients the guarantee of an independent service that will allow clients to work with several different law firms in a country and to choose the law firm best suited to the client’s needs. This means H&A can provide high quality work that accurately meets the client’s expectations.

A listing in guides on the best law firms, especially the international Chambers & Partners guide. These listings are a real independent guarantee of the excellence of the services provided by H&A.

H&A’s clients :

  • mutual insurance companies and insurance companies,
  • industrial groups, media groups,
  • banks and investment service providers,
  • investors.

These major companies entrust their businesses to H&A because of H&A's recognized expertise in litigation/arbitration, insurance, industrial risk, product liability, professional liability, banking, finance and corporate.