Over the years, H&A has forged a solid network of contacts so it can manage international cases in the best possible conditions. H&A work on behalf of foreign clients or firms as well as French ones. Unlike integrated networks, H&A is free to choose the law firms in a given country best suited to client needs, taking into account the specific nature of the issue at hand, possible requirements in terms of cost, the goal being sought, etc. H&A can thus ensure that the selected team best meets the clients needs and that the foreign firm is not chosen because of any prior agreement with H&A but solely according to its skills and core competences that match the clients needs.

The H&A network is centred in the following areas (in order of importance) :

  • UK
  • United States
  • Rest of the European Union
  • Rest of the World

H&A has extensive experience in managing international matters and all issues related to them (conflicts of jurisdiction, conflicts of law, taking into account the specific nature of foreign legal systems, etc.).

H&A’s presence in Africa

H&A has unique influence in Africa, especially West Africa. With its presence in Abidjan and its excellent knowledge of the specificities of the African market, H&A can effectively assist you in all your projects on the continent and can help manage and resolve your conflicts and litigation.

H&A's presence in the overseas departments and territories of France

Since its creation H&A has been present in certain target geographic areas and the firm has gained an excellent reputation both in the overseas departments and territories of France.