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Excellent knowledge of the insurance sector, actors and challenges combined with a wide legal experience, has made that H&A one of the leading law firms in insurance and reinsurance over the past 25 years. H&A provides its clients with suitable solutions at all stages of their projects. H&A’s expertise is a guarantee of quality and excellence, thus helping its clients to achieve their strategic and business objectives.

Our expertise in Insurance :

  • Litigation and dispute resolution on all issues related to life and non-life insurance, particularly those related to insurance coverage
  • Advice and assistance to clients on interpreting policies and issues linked to insurance
  • Regulatory: rules governing insurance in France and throughout the world, relationships with the supervisory authorities (the ACP in France)
  • International plans/projects: assistance in putting in place international and master policies, management of claims impacting on these policies
    • Analysis and drafting of insurance policies: adapting foreign policies to French law and French policies to the law of foreign countries
    • Insurance mediation: requirements to become an intermediary in France, in Europe, and in the rest of the world.
  • Management and resolution of reinsurance disputes on behalf of reinsurers or ceding companies.
  • Intervention on D&O policies, fraud policies, damage and operating losses policies, third-party liability policies, cyber policies…
  • Construction insurance policies

Some examples of missions :

  • Management of all Life insurance litigations on behalf of a major French insurance company and of a mutual insurance company (PPI)
  • Introduction of loan insurance policies throughout Europe on behalf of an insurer
  • Assisting clients to review and update all their insurance policies
  • Intervention on behalf of an insurer on an insurance claim regarding the loss of a telecommunications satellite
  • Settlement of numerous major reinsurance claims (several hundred million Euros)
  • Intervention under a third party insurance  policy to resolve a conflict over coverage in a dispute amounting to several million Euros
  • Intervention and resolution of a claim for the coverage of an international fraud scheme amounting to several million Euros.